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This is where Macalat Organic Sugarless Dark Chocolate is crafted.  It used to be our guest house behind our home.  We converted and unfitted it into a charming certified organic chocolate shop we enjoy being in.  It is in Cedar Grove, NC.  Feel free to contact us, any time. 

Chocolate WizardCarol Troy

John & Carol Troy

Macalat has captured our attention as a worthy hands-on project at a time when high quality Cacao is being recognized as a wholesome super food while at the same time, excess sugar in our diet is raising a lot of eyebrows with it's adverse side effects.  What a paradox!  As a pioneer in organic taste profiles,  Carol and I accepted the challenge to make a difference with innovative formulation and production protocols. It has been a challenge, but worth it.

It is high time to challenge the status quo of sugar and carbs in our chocolate. Times have changed.  Sugar doesn’t need to be in chocolate anymore to be able to truly enjoy a smooth, creamy wholesome chocolate.  At the same time, many of us have already seen the benefits of using nutrient dense super food ingredients.  I discovered a way to balance and sweeten fine cacao without using sugar or sacrificing the great taste and mouth feel of fine heirloom chocolate.

There is an emergence of newfound ingredients from the ancient cultures like Peru to new technologies in fermentation.  I enjoy exploring the ever more delicious flavor profiles and cross-cultural synergies that these nutrient dense foods provide.  It was a natural for me to be enamored in getting the sugar out of chocolate without it being a negative.

Removing all the sugar from chocolate presents a number of challenges.  Sugar has been a significant part of the standard of identity of chocolate from its inception.  Sugar is assumed to be a critical ingredient in chocolate recipes in order to mitigate the astringent aldehydes and acetic acid that develop during the fermentation process.  Sugar tastes really good in chocolate, no doubt.  And sugar is cheap, bulking up an otherwise costly super food treat.  But sugar has a downside that is becoming more evident every day.  The sugar "up" is short-lived and the negative side effects of sugar are becoming all too well known with new scientific and clinical data coming forth every day.  It's not a healthy habit for the kids to start, either.  We know too much to not notice. Keto, Paleo, and many other sugar free diets are getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so.

Macalat is a creation for those who are serious about the quality of their Cacao and want real, nutrient dense food with no sugar and/or hidden sugars and not wanting anything artificial or the least bit phony to take their place.

You will find it hard to believe that Macalat has zero sugar and zero net carbs and still taste so good, but it is true.  Now, you may enjoy smooth organic 70% dark chocolate without the onslaught of sugar or the bitterness that sugar seeks to hide.

Zero sugar and zero net carbs makes Macalat perfect for Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach and other sugar free, low carb diets.  Macalat is Certified Organic, Dairy free, Gluten Free, Stevia Free and Bitter Free. The kids really love it, too, without ever missing the sugar to begin with.  Give Macalat a try.  Tasting is believing!

The Wizard LLC
5134 Boone Village Trail
Cedar Grove, NC 27231

<<<<Read the reviews. Our customers say it best. Tasting is believing!

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