Allulose vs Erythritol

Allulose vs Erythritol

As consumers increasingly seek out healthier alternatives to sugar, many have turned to natural sweeteners like allulose and erythritol. While both are popular choices, there are some key differences between the two. At Macalat, we choose to use certified organic erythritol in our Sweet Dark Chocolate for several reasons.

What Is Allulose?

First, let's take a closer look at allulose. Like erythritol, allulose is a sugar alcohol that's low in calories and doesn't raise blood sugar levels. However, there are some drawbacks to using allulose. For one, it's not as widely available as erythritol. Additionally, some people have reported digestive issues when consuming allulose, such as bloating, gas and diarrhea.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol, on the other hand, is a more widely available and easier-to-digest sugar alcohol. It's also non-glycemic, keto-friendly, and has antioxidant properties. Organic erythritol, in particular, is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, making it a healthier choice for both consumers and the environment.

Why We Use Erythritol Instead of Allulose

At Macalat, we choose to use organic erythritol in our Sweet Dark Chocolate because we believe it offers the best combination of health benefits and taste. By combining organic erythritol with a range of plant-based superfoods, including organic Peruvian cacao, organic lucuma, pink salt, organic monk fruit extract, organic maca, organic vanilla bean, organic sunflower lecithin, organic cinnamon and organic mushroom extract, we've created a chocolate that's not only delicious but also good for you.

At Macalat, we're committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in our chocolate. All of our products are certified organic, ensuring that they're free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our brand name, Macalat, is a reflection of the sound of the word in the mind, conjuring up the idea of a luxurious and indulgent treat. We take pride in offering a range of sweet dark chocolates that are sugar-free, zero net carbs, and plant-based.

Tasting is believing! Try our Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate today and experience the goodness of organic erythritol and plant-based superfoods in every bite.

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