Organic Sugar-free 70% Dark Chocolate

Keto organic dark chocolate

Zero Sugar & Zero Net Carbs

Keto Organic Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

A Fusion of Scrumptious Superfoods

Macalat Organic Sugar-free Dark Chocolate is made with Peruvian Heirloom Cacao. The Macalat elixir is stone ground, balanced and sweetened with phytonutrient dense superfoods.

These ingredients include Lucuma, Maca Root, Cinnamon, fermented Maize crystals, Monk Fruit and Vanilla Beans, resulting in Macalat's gentle caramel-like sweetness.  The addition of mineral rich Andes Pink Salt strikes a subtle streak of toffee.  Finished with a touch is a “pixie” dust, an organic mushroom Mycelium that magically mitigates the last bit of bitter in the finish as Macalat melts on the palate, releasing all it’s flavor and goodness. 

Zero Sugar and Zero Net Carbs make Macalat a perfect dark chocolate for today’s knowledgeable consumers.  It is for those savvy chocolate lovers, who want to experience smooth, scrumptious organic 70% dark chocolate with all the benefits, without the least bit of sugar or even the need for any sugar or anything else the least bit artificial or phony.

Macalat is especially formulated for those on Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach and diabetic diets.  Macalat is certified organic, GMO-free, Vegan, soy free, Stevia-free, gluten-free and bitter free.  Kids love Macalat, too, without ever even missing the sugar.  Give Macalat a try.  Tasting is believing!




The more you look, the better Macalat looks 

Macalat Chocolate Keto Wizardry

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