Warm Up with Rich and Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate

Warm Up with Rich and Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate

As the weather turns chilly, nothing warms you up faster than a steamy mug of hot chocolate. For a fun twist, try making authentic Mexican hot chocolate using Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate. This rich, cinnamon-spiced version will become your new favorite hot chocolate recipe.

Traditional Mexican hot chocolate utilizes chocolate bars instead of powder. This creates a luxuriously thick, velvety texture and deep chocolate flavor. Macalat’s creamy, familiar flavor combines perfectly with the Mexican spices.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Ingredients

In addition to Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate, the key ingredients in Mexican hot chocolate include:

  • Cinnamon: This warm spice is essential for adding a subtle heat and dimension to the chocolate.
  • Vanilla: A touch of vanilla extract enhances the chocolate without overwhelming it.
  • Chili powder: Just a small pinch of chili powder lends a bit of subtle smokiness.
  • Milk: Heated whole milk creates a rich, comforting base for the melted chocolate.

Note: Most Mexican Hot Chocolate recipes call for adding sugar in order to soften the bitterness of unsweetened cocoa solids in the chocolate. However, this is not necessary for Mexican Hot Chocolate that uses Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate as our sugar is sweet enough, without any added sugar.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

Follow this easy recipe to make two servings of cozy Macalat's Mexican hot chocolate:


  • 3 ounces Macalat’s chocolate bar, chopped
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar
  • Pinch of chili powder
  • Whipped cream, for topping


Add the chopped Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate and milk to a small saucepan. Heat on medium, whisking gently, until chocolate is fully melted and incorporated into the milk.

Add the cinnamon stick and let simmer for 5 minutes so the cinnamon flavor infuses into the milk.

Remove the cinnamon stick. Stir in vanilla to taste. Add just a pinch of chili powder.
Pour hot chocolate into mugs. Top with whipped cream and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon if desired.

Serve immediately and enjoy! The hot chocolate will stay warm for 30-60 minutes.
For an extra decadent, frothy mug, use a molinillo or chocolate whisk to continuously beat the hot chocolate before pouring. This incorporates air for a light, foamy texture.

Customize your Mexican hot chocolate by adjusting the amount of sugar to your taste, or adding extra spices like a pinch of nutmeg or dash of cayenne pepper. For an adult beverage, add a shot of coffee liqueur or Mexican vanilla.

Whip up a big batch for a winter party by multiplying the recipe. Serve with churros, cookies or cinnamon sugar toast for dipping.

Be sure to use high quality chocolate bars from Macalat instead of powder or syrups. This gives the deepest, truest chocolate flavor. The milk chocolate pairs wonderfully with the warm Mexican spices.

Once you try this rich, velvety spiced version, regular powdered hot chocolate mix will seem boring! Warm up on a cold night with homemade Macalat Mexican hot chocolate. The luxurious, chocolatey taste with a hint of heat and spice is sure to become a new favorite.

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