The Advent of a Totally New Category of Chocolate - SWEET DARK CHOCOLATE - Debuts at Natural Products Expo East

The Advent of a Totally New Category of Chocolate - 

SWEET DARK CHOCOLATE - Debuts at Natural Products Expo East 

Macalat is Made Organic and Without Sugar or Bitterness --  

A Fermented Mushroom Extract is the Secret Ingredient

Certified Organic, Sugar-Free, 70% Peruvian Cacao, Plant-Based, Zero-Net Carbs, 

Bitter Free and No Coconut Sugar

PHILADELPHIA, PA, NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO EAST, September 29, 2022Macalat is the world’s first certified organic, honestly sugar-free Sweet Dark Chocolate. Sounds like an oxymoron but it is true.  Macalat is a new, sweet dark chocolate that is pioneering a new flavor profile in chocolate. The innovative new product category, Sweet Dark Chocolate, was unveiled today at this year’s Natural Products Expo East, in Philadelphia, PA. Booth #644. Macalat’s test marketing has resulted in hundreds of five-star reviews.  “Tasting is Believing!” is the battle cry for this new disruptive product category of sweet dark chocolate! 

Macalat is the first certified organic sweet dark chocolate. The chocolate is also made without sugar of any kind, including coconut sugarMacalat is the first of its kind. The bar is remarkably sweet, velvety smooth and 70% Cacao.  It is formulated with other plant-based superfood inclusions such as Maca, Lucuma, Vanilla, Monk Fruit, and Cinnamon, which result in Macalat’s gentle caramel-like sweetness.  The noteworthy final touch is a marvelous mushroom extract that assures a smooth sweet finish, without the least bit of bitter. Truly remarkable.

Checks all the boxes:

Certified Organic


70% Cacao




Zero Net Carbs

Diabetic Friendly

Plant Based

Gluten Free


Soy Free

No Coconut Sugar



Superfood Inclusions

Macalat is currently being sold at www.macalat.comMacalat is making its initial introduction to the natural products trade for the first time at Expo East where it is sampling out the new kind of chocolate to trade attendees and press. Booth #644.

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Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate – Tasting is Believing.

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