Introducing Macalat® Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate

Introducing Macalat® Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers and superfoodies rejoice! You can have it both ways, now. Finally, Macalat®, a visionary certified organic brand of chocolate has just introduced a groundbreaking new category in chocolate bars. The name of the new category is Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate.

Macalat®'s breakthrough lies in its integration of MycoTechnology’s ClearIQ™ mushroom mycelia-derived flavor modulator, an incredible natural solution to overcome the bitterness and astringency commonly associated with dark chocolate. Produced using organic mushroom mycelial fermentation, this natural flavor modulator effectively blocks the perception of the onslaught of astringent and bitter off-flavors. This binding process allows the full flavor spectrum of cacao to emerge, unveiling the sweet, complex, and nuanced tastes that lay hidden beneath the fog of bitterness.

To achieve this remarkable breakthrough, Macalat® partnered with MycoTechnology, an industry leader specializing in mycelium-based solutions. The collaboration between Macalat® and MycoTechnology has enabled a revolutionary dark chocolate experience. By incorporating the magic of mycelium, Macalat® demonstrates the power of interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation in the pursuit of creating an exceptional new chocolate category not possible before this innovation.

Macalat® Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate represents a significant innovation and advancement in the $140B global chocolate trade. The dark chocolate trade is now only a small percentage at $50 Billion. Macalat® is the advent of a new chocolate category. By leveraging the unique properties of mushroom mycelium, Macalat® has eliminated the bitterness and astringency that often deter consumers from enjoying wholesome dark chocolate. This breakthrough not only enhances the flavor experience but also aligns with the growing demand for healthier, tastier alternatives. Macalat®'s dedication to culinary science and collaboration with MycoTechnology exemplifies the brand's commitment to delivering a sweet, innovative, great-tasting, and nutrient-dense 70% dark chocolate that is honestly sugar-free. With Macalat®, the future of chocolate is not only sweeter but also brighter, cleaner, and more satisfying without the sugar or the bitterness and astringency that sugar seeks to hide.

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