The Advent of a New Chocolate Category: Macalat Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate

The Advent of a New Chocolate Category: Macalat Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate

Macalat has created a new chocolate category, Sweet Dark Chocolate, crafted with mushroom technology to remove the bitter of dark chocolate with zero sugar.

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2024  -- Finally, the world’s first certified Organic, honestly sugar-free, Sweet Dark Chocolate bar. Macalat is set to redefine and disrupt the chocolate industry with a new category, Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate. The innovative creation introduces a completely new category of bitter-free 70% sweet dark chocolate, offering a delightful superfood-infused experience that transcends the limitations of traditional craft bean-to-bar dark chocolates.
The brand, Macalat®, is a true superfood chocolate, crafted without any sugar, whatsoever, providing a wholesome sugar-free indulgence. By incorporating a new flavorless Fermented Mushroom Mycelium Extract, developed by mushroom ingredient innovator, MycoTechnology, Macalat® successfully eliminates bitterness and astringency, revealing a full spectrum of cacao and superfood flavors that leave no unpleasant mouth feel or aftertaste. This innovative mushroom ingredient revolutionizes the chocolate experience, without the need for sugar, revealing an unparalleled chocolate taste sensation.
“The marvelous mushroom extract acts to cut the bitter notes of the cacao, so the bar has a rich, sweet taste but with zero sugar and zero net carbs. It's perfect for anyone living a carb-controlled lifestyle but who wants to enjoy chocolate. You need to taste it to believe it!”
-Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD, EatThis,NotThat

Certified Organic and honestly sugar-free, Macalat® presents a host of impressive features, including 70% Peruvian Cacao, a plant-based superfood composition, zero-net carbs, and finally, freedom from bitterness. With its wholesome superfood attributes, Macalat® stands as a testament to the future of chocolate innovation. The benefits of 70% cacao are emerging as the healthiest way of consuming chocolate. The final dark chocolate barrier for most consumers is addressed. Superfoodie consumers may have it both ways, now. The end of bitterness AND the end of sugar. Certified Organic means the result was achieved without any false claims or artificial ingredients.

Developed by Organic taste guru, John Troy, known as The Organic Taste Wizard in the Organic food trade, Macalat® sweet dark chocolate represents years of meticulous research and development, with novel production protocols that have never been used before. Combining the velvety smoothness of perfectly tempered 70% Peruvian Cacao with other plant-based superfood inclusions such as Maca, Lucuma, Vanilla, Monk Fruit, and Cinnamon, Macalat® captivates with its gentle and unique caramel-like sweetness. The addition of the remarkable mushroom extract ensures a smooth and sweet finish, devoid of any bitterness or harshness. The mushroom ingredient is not sweet, itself, but works like alchemy on the taste buds. Truly incredible. The brand’s fitting battle cry is “Tasting is Believing!”

Macalat® caters to discriminating chocolate consumers who desire healthy dark chocolate but find the conventional dark chocolate options too bitter or unpleasant to truly enjoy. Presenting a paradigm shift in chocolate consumption, Macalat® has garnered rave reviews from consumers, wellness influencers, and dieticians and has established a loyal consumer base in its test marketing, cementing its position as the primary pioneer in the new Organic sweet dark chocolate category.

The inventive formulation is ideal for various dietary preferences and health-conscious consumers, both now and in the future. Macalat® aligns seamlessly with today’s trending diets such as Keto, Paleo, Diabetic, Vegan, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Organic. It truly caters to the needs of the budding superfood-savvy consumer.

Macalat® is currently available for purchase online at The new brand will make its trade debut at the Natural Products Expo, scheduled for March 2024, where industry professionals and the press can experience the innovative chocolate firsthand. Press is invited to the Macalat “Tasting is Believing!” booth at Expo West, North Hall, Booth N416.

For more information about Macalat®, the new category and its innovative ingredients, please visit Detailed ingredient information is available on the website, with links, providing a comprehensive understanding of Macalat®’s exceptional quality and innovation.

For product samples and sales inquiries, please contact Laura Brown, 519-708-0055.
For investor relations, please contact: Lisa Ellis, 919-606-1754.
For formulation-related questions, please contact: John Troy 336-562-3225.


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